To make myself do it I am going to post it.
I need to actually take the time to fully setup a linux environment. Everything that I can use in Linux from Windows needs to be there so as long as I am not gaming I am comfortable using it. And want to use that for dev learning.

Need to get it how I want. Figure out all the quirks in desktop environment so I am happy with it. Always have set it up without actually liking it when that is one of the big perks anyways

@JB Let me know if you need any help! Been a minute since I've run with a window manager but I can assist with command line stuff.

@glcls Trying out Manjaro which has a community edition that comes with Awesome WM. Seems like a good thing. Manjaro is arch but comes with the essentials. Get the complex arch but don't have to get shit on by the setup.
Will let you know if I need something!


@JB Nice! Arch was always my favorite. The wiki is one of the best Linux resources out there, even if you're not running Arch.

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