I know it's Saturday and you are all getting ready to go party :P but I would like to ask you to do this before you masto.host/changing-your-insta

It's not mandatory and nothing will happen if you don't but I think you should *wink wink*

This will hopefully be the last time I ask you to play with DNS settings.

@mastohost I'm using Google Domains and I'm unable to add two A records, is something wrong or should I just add one?

@glcls do they allow you to set a CNAME, ANAME or ALIAS as vip.masto.host ?

@mastohost Of those only CNAME is supported, but not for the root domain / @.

@glcls OK, let's keep it simple, can you please add just one A record and add this one:


@mastohost Okay, done! Will the disadvantage of having just one be that if that nameserver goes down, there's no backup?

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