I gotta say, I don't use Instagram a lot but their ads are the most relevant and well-formed I've ever seen. I don't like to think of myself as someone who "falls for ads", but I'll be damned if I don't admit I've been legitimately interested in at least 25% of them.

@JB iirc yaourt effectively wraps pacman, so you can use it everywhere you would use pacman and it'll get official packages when they exist.

As far as installing everything from the AUR, it's not vetted like the official repositories so it's kind of like sideloading an untrusted app store onto your phone. Realistically you probably won't run into any issues, but theoretically code from the AUR can't be trusted.

@JB Nice! Arch was always my favorite. The wiki is one of the best Linux resources out there, even if you're not running Arch.

@JB Let me know if you need any help! Been a minute since I've run with a window manager but I can assist with command line stuff.

Haven't used an HDMI capture card in years, what's the new hotness?

definitely one of the weirder sentences in spider-man

100% agree, but having a hard time comparing to email, which doesn't offer this and still got along fine

Spent 3 days debugging why my Wii U was failing connecting to wifi. Finally figured out it was because its external hard drive was right next to it, causing interference!

Moved the hard drive half a meter away and bam, picture perfect wifi.

I'm surprised how useful the federated timeline is, at least on a small instance!

I thought it would feel more or less random, but it's really cool seeing them actually be toots that start conversations that, after a minute of reading, people I know are involved in!

@mastohost Is the bug tracked somewhere on the Mastodon project? If the maintainer(s) know about it, maybe they could help with a fix for 2.4.x boxes.

Even if the fix is to auto-reject requests from old instances that could cause this bug, at least then you wouldn't have to manually keep checking if they've upgraded yet.

I am absolutely in love with the new Instagram "You're All Caught Up" fold. God forbid a social media company gives you an exit point.

@mastohost Okay, done! Will the disadvantage of having just one be that if that nameserver goes down, there's no backup?

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