By the way, what happened recently to kick off Mastodon again? I remember this happening at about 1% effectiveness a couple of years ago, but it wasn't enough traction.

@glcls Twitter exodus due to the company shutting down an API that many 3rd-party apps were using to do all of the Twitter things.

@glcls august 16 was the day Twitter killed their API for 3rd party clients, and around the same time they also started suspending people who made new accounts after an older suspension

@glcls 3rd party apps killed. Mass banning of a bunch of accounts with little consistency. Timeline becoming algorithmic.

@JB Got it. Yeah that makes sense, I'd be reluctantly ok with being forced to the first-party app if it weren't for the algorithmic stuff. It's not how I like to view Twitter, and the alternative is being taken away.

I'm guessing that's the sentiment from most people in our community.

@glcls I also think most people could go without the 3rd party app. I think the big spike is from the algorithm timeline and getting banned.

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