I gotta say, I don't use Instagram a lot but their ads are the most relevant and well-formed I've ever seen. I don't like to think of myself as someone who "falls for ads", but I'll be damned if I don't admit I've been legitimately interested in at least 25% of them.

Haven't used an HDMI capture card in years, what's the new hotness?

definitely one of the weirder sentences in spider-man

Spent 3 days debugging why my Wii U was failing connecting to wifi. Finally figured out it was because its external hard drive was right next to it, causing interference!

Moved the hard drive half a meter away and bam, picture perfect wifi.

I'm surprised how useful the federated timeline is, at least on a small instance!

I thought it would feel more or less random, but it's really cool seeing them actually be toots that start conversations that, after a minute of reading, people I know are involved in!

I am absolutely in love with the new Instagram "You're All Caught Up" fold. God forbid a social media company gives you an exit point.

I dyed my hair "semi-permanent purple" two weeks ago, but it came out pink and it's already almost faded. Still was fun though, here's a pic from right after.

It's fun watching the number of automated birthday emails you get from forums decline every year, as the internet adjusts away from forums. Used to be probably 50ish for me, this year just 1.

The fog up here in Washington does not look like the fog in San Francisco. It looks like smoke, only you're not choking.

fyi you can pin Mastodon columns like in TweetDeck, it's just a bit hidden.

Open a column from "Getting started" or above the Compose field, hit the settings button at the top of the new column, and look for "Pin" below the toggles.

Rearrange columns with the left/right arrows in the same place.

I got Google One access so I might re-look at jumping off the Dropbox ship.

Dropbox has been great but you've gotta try out the competition once in a while to see what you're missing.

Soda Dungeon is like a clicker with an ok roguelike disguise. I need to uninstall this or it will consume me.

By the way, what happened recently to kick off Mastodon again? I remember this happening at about 1% effectiveness a couple of years ago, but it wasn't enough traction.

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